Jute Slippers

Jute Slippers

  Jute, commonly known as the ‘Golden Fibre’, has managed carved out a niche fan following for itself in the global style industry and is making its presence felt as a fabulous, eco friendly material in the field of footwear. Jute is categorized as an eco friendly fibre due to its high capacity to absorb moisture, cleanable characteristics and flexibility. The material is available easily and is bio-degradable.
        Jute Slippers are unique with its characteristics. As it is 100% Bio-Degradable, we do not worry about recycling of rubber sole, it gets degraded in soil within 80 days of time period. The slippers keep feet warm and soft in winter also it absorbs sweat in summer. Our creative unisex design could be used by men and women both. With amazing comfort and soft carpet its long lasting material in every weather condition. the slippers are Durable, Comfortable and Robust. 

Closed Toe

Flip Flop Full Border

Flip Flop Partial Border

Finger Strap Slipper

Select the best suitable pattern

We have modern pattern and designs for Men and Women. It gives better experience in every season and every situation. If it gets wet then put it under the sun for a while and it can be used again.